domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011

Oct. 16, evening

Nestlé Fitness cereal with milk and raisins. Four small rolls of excellent artesenal olive bread and one small merkén-garlic roll. Two chocolate chip cookies with minimal chocolate. A waffle cone with Café de la Opera coffee ice cream, by far the finest coffee ice cream I have had in years.

Oct. 16, morning

Several open-face sandwiches of multigrain rye bread, artesanal butter and either apricot or strawberry jam. Two farm-fresh eggs with homemade vegetarian chorizo (soy protein, merkén, sunflower seeds, cumin, garlic, olive oil, and the all-important vinegar -- the flavor of sausages comes in large part from acid-producing fermentation). Wheat cracker with honey.

sábado, 15 de octubre de 2011

Site stats, FYI

I happen to find this amusing.

Oct. 15, evening

Several biscuits and rolls with cream cheese or margarine, Twinings tea, white rice with black beans, potato salad with mayonnaise, dill and red onion, sweet cucumbers in vinegar, black olives, several slices of a 10-layer pale, eggy cake layered with orange curd and decorated with a drizzle of chocolate and coconut flakes, a German draft beer, and a toasted roll with a roasted red pepper and pebre.

Oct. 15, morning

Two empanadas de pino, three Davenport bananas, several Mentitas "round mints," a small packet of honey-flavored peanuts, several sandwiches of "mantecoso" mild cheese on white rolls, a very fresh navel orange, and a late-night bowl of lentil soup with rice and sausage.

viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011

Oct. 14, morning (rare repeat)

Ingredients probably repeat most of prior entry. Added another bowl of Quaker Cuadritos and a cup of excellent Venezuelan coffee.

Oct. 14, morning

Emmentaler cheese on rye bread with sunflower seeds, a bowl of granola with milk, many handfuls of Quaker Cuadritos, black olives, a two-egg omelette with a bit of salt, merkén, and parmesan cheese, Austral Pale Ale, and two plates of white rice (with butter) and black beans flavored with tomato, merkén and a bit of Vietnamese chili-garlic sauce.

Ending the mental constipation

I took some time away, as I found this blog to be repulsive. But I see it's been getting more readers lately, apparently as people search for terms like "chocolate merkén" or "carmenére," and of course the old standby, granola. So...back to work. "Enjoy."